Monday, August 15, 2011

Just over the next horizon

This is what was over the next horizon
The sky highlights the bronze harvest
The pastoral softness belies the Badlands ruggedness
Welcome to


N'yuk, N'yuk, N'yuk

Many Beautiful creatures live in North Dakota's Badlands
The Prairie Rattler

The Black Tailed Mule Deer
The resurected Buffalo (Bison Bison)
However, the rarest and most prized of all creatures is the
Kayus Horendicus Beutificulum Outstandiculorumus Magnus.
This is the only known photograph of the sole surviving member
of its species in the wild.  There are others of the same genus in captivity
but they have all been domesticated.
The annual W.C. Ribfest was held last Friday.  Mmmm,  mmm!
True Nordakotuns (North Dakotans) are uncomfortable when
the wind doesn't blow.  We've been relatively comfortable lately.
Until next time  ...  Ban 'zai !

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