Sunday, July 31, 2011

We went to King Tut's exhibit

Dan and Kathy mentioned to us at breakfast this morning that the King Tut exhibit was in town.
As soon as we said our goodbyes to Ian and Carrie ... off we went.  Wow!

Ian and Carrie are spending the next couple of days in a Yert in the U.P. of Michigan up near Lake Superior.  They have to hike in to get to the Yert.  A Yert is a Mongolian tent made of some exotic material such as yak felt or something.  They were looking forward to a good time.

Dan, Kathy, Cass (Dan's sister), Marianne and I (Johann) went to the Tut exhibit.

 Kay saying goodbye to Captain Ion (Ian) of the Orient
 L to R ... John, Marianne, Cass, Kathy & Dan
I was hoping we'd see Steve Martin but he did a 'no show'.
At the entrance of the exhibit.  NO photos inside.

Some more wedding and reception shots

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Before the ceremo Johnny.
Kay, Cass, Marianne, John, Dennis ... Dan O behind John. 
 Mark, Meghan and Ellen & Jerry ... you're still number one!
 The Groom's Mom & Dad ... Devon, Kathy, Dan.
 Marianne.  She had a great time and visited with just about everyone.  Smiles all around.
 Toasting Mr. & Mrs. Daly from Mr. & Mrs. Daly.
 The toasted Mr. & Mrs. Daly - take 1.
  The toasted Mr. & Mrs. Daly - take 2
 Kay, Margurite (Kehoe) Snyder, & John.
The love birds ... Jerry and Ellen O'Connor.
The younger love birds ... John & Kay O'Connor.
One happy Dennis!  He had a great time!!
Captain Ion of the Orient and Doctor Daly of Hong Kong Vetrinary Hospital!
Zena, Pat, Kay & Molly.  Three beautiful ladies and a lucky guy.  Note the smile.
Mark & Dennis O'Connor.  They don't get much happier than this!

Devon's & Sally's Wedding July 29, 2011